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Project Manager

Michael D. Shook

Michael Shook is passionate about construction and has over 24 years of industry experience to prove it. Since earning his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Dayton with a concentration in Structural Engineering, Mike has amassed significant structural, civil, forensic, and plant engineering experience throughout his career. Mike fell into structural precast in the 1990s and became hooked. To this day, he finds it very gratifying to start a design on paper, watch the structure get built in the plant, then see it integrated into a building. According to Mike, he eats, sleeps, and drinks concrete, which also accounts for his extensive aggregate knowledge.

Mike joined Sidley Precast as a Project Manager in 2020. He sees his primary role as liaison between building owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and plant personnel. Under Mike’s management, Sidley precast projects run smoothly for all involved parties, and finished structures consistently meet stakeholders’ design requirements. Mike has enjoyed his move to Sidley, where he says everyone comes together as a team to share ideas and produce high-quality products as safely and economically as possible.

Mike is also happy about another life decision he once made. When contemplating what to do, someone shared the cautious advice, “I know you are in love with her now, but you better be damn sure you will like her forever.” We are pleased to share he said ‘yes’ under no duress!

When not partaking in a steady diet of concrete, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, fishing, playing music, and shooting darts.

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