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Block & Supply Product Line Manager

Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly has been an essential part of R.W. Sidley’s concrete block and masonry business for over 30 years. On-the-job training is how Mike learned all the ins and outs of concrete block production. He started as a tow mower operator when Thompson Block Plant was first built and worked his way up to Maintenance Supervisor then Plant Manager, eventually becoming Block & Supply Line Manager in 2002.

Mike provides the focused leadership required to manage all aspects of a fast-paced concrete products manufacturing facility. Having a solid commitment to quality, safety, and environmental compliance, Mike is responsible for all aspects of production, including materials procurement, staff hiring, and maintenance activities. He collaborates with team members at our plants throughout Northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania to ensure total inventory counts and control at all locations. Mike also works closely with our sales team to provide competitive masonry and building supply bids.

Mike enjoys having the opportunity to work on something different each day with many talented people who perform with exceptional competence. Throughout his career, he has lived by some wise advice often shared by our founder, Bob Sidley: “Enjoy every day, if not do something about it.”

The Sidley family is grateful for Mike’s loyalty and appreciates his many contributions to our concrete segment. When he’s not at the block plant, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, fishing, and gardening. On hot summer days, you’ll find him relaxing around the swimming pool.

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