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Risk Manager

Les Lawrence

Les Lawrence joined R.W. Sidley in 1980 and was appointed Risk Manager in 1997. He is responsible for implementing and managing various corporate financial policies and procedures that help establish continuity and accountability to limit the impact of risk throughout our organization. Les oversees R.W. Sidley’s accounts payable and accounts receivable, working with all our divisions to keep our balance sheets positive and our credit in excellent standing.

Les also provides research and analytical support, evaluating everything from liability insurance to companywide cell phone plans. His ability to maintain accurate records on policies, claims, and contracts helps us operate efficiently and compliantly. Les offers a broad understanding of business, finance, and law, providing hands-on action that ultimately leads to increased value for our customers and stakeholders.

Over the years, Les often heard our company’s founder, Bob Sidley, tell people to “Enjoy every day, if not do something about it.” This heartfelt advice, given initially to Bob by a former secretary, has substantially impacted Les, who routinely asks himself how he can make each day better.

When Les is not in the office, he enjoys spending time with family. Les is the proud father of seven daughters.

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