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R.W. Sidley has been a respected name in the building industry for over 80 years, leveraging our roots in sand and gravel mining to become a leading producer of high-quality construction materials and prefabricated building systems. Our innovative products can be found throughout the built environment, helping create purposeful projects that improve people’s lives.

Core competencies 

R.W. Sidley’s core competencies center around construction aggregates, industrial minerals, bunker sand, sports turf aggregates, and filter media. In the architectural precast space, the Sidley Precast Group offers complete design/build solutions for precast concrete structures and components. From large infrastructure projects to commercial buildings and residential landscaping, we’ve got everything you need to get the job done right. 


Great Lakes regional operations supported by expert logistics with facilities strategically located in Ohio and Pennsylvania, we have developed a significant regional presence supported by J.P. Jenks, R.W. Sidley’s wholly owned transportation subsidiary.  


Our dedicated trucking services give us a unique competitive advantage. Sidley customers across the U.S. and Canada benefit from our vertical logistics approach that promises a modern trucking fleet, oversized hauling expertise, short or long-term storage, reduced freight costs, and on-time delivery.


Family owned and led by industry professionals 

At R.W. Sidley, our employees are committed to driving value and customer success. While growing the company, we have remained a family-owned and operated business with a values-oriented, people-focused culture.  


We employ highly certified laboratory technicians who maintain certifications and affiliations with leading organizations, including the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI). Their combined expertise and our vast resources position us to achieve continuous improvement and react to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.  


LEED certification support 

Many of our precast and large-scale projects are part of green building design strategies that help our customers earn points toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. To assure program requirements are met, R.W. Sidley provides accurate documentation of regional raw materials and recycled content used during the construction process.  

Environmental sustainability initiatives 

R.W. Sidley implements several safety, monitoring, and improvement processes to maintain our high accountability standards and protect the environments and communities in which we operate. From day-to-day activities on site to corporate strategic planning, our approach is founded on a commitment to compliance along with efforts that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. These embedded sustainability initiatives include: 

Employee training and education
Regulatory and public interest group collaboration
Site-specific plans and requirements
Water stewardship
Recycling practices
Transportation efficiencies
Building energy management
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