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Silica Filter Sands

Standard sizes are shown, custom sizes available. Standard U.C. sizes are 1.5 - 1.7. Tighter U.C. sizes of 1.3 - 1.4 are available upon request.  Available packaging: Bulk quantities, 50 lb. bags, and 3,000 lb. super sacks. Please call for availability.  

.15 - .25mm 
.20 - .30mm 
.25 - .35mm 
.25 - .50mm  
.30 -.60mm PA DEP  
.35 - .45mm  
.40 - .50mm  
.40 - .60mm 
.40 - .80mm  

.40 - 1.0mm  

.45 - .55mm  

.50 - .60mm  

.55 - .65mm  

.60 - .80mm  

.60 - 1.0mm  

.65 - .75mm  

.80 - 1.0mm  

.90 - 1.1mm  

1.0 - 2.0mm  

1.55 - 1.65mm  

2.0 - 3.0mm  

3/16 X 10 Mesh  

1/8 X 12 Mesh  

400 Sand - Ashtabula County Residential Filter Sand  

Support Gravels

1/8 X 1/16 (12)
3/16 X 3/32
1/4 X 1/8
3/8 X 1/4
3/8 X 3/16
1/2 X 3/16
1/2 X 1/4
3/4 X 1/4
5/8 X 3/8

Well Pack

Packaging options include bulk quantities, 50 lb. bags, 3,000 lb. super sacks, and 4,000 lb. super sacks.

#1 Well Pack Pea Gravel
#2 Well Pack (2.9mm)
#3 Well Pack (2.6mm)
#4 Well Pack (1.7mm)
#5 Well Pack (1.1mm)
#6 Well Pack (.80mm)
#7 Well Pack (.60mm)
#8 Well Pack (.50mm)
#9 Well Pack (.35mm)

Support Gravels

3/4 X 1/2
5/8 X 3/8
1 X 5/8
1 X 3/4
1-1/4 X 5/8
1-1/2 X 3/4
2-1/2 X 1
2-1/2 X 1-1/2

Septic System
Sand and Gravel

R.W. Sidley produces filter sands and gravels for wastewater treatment applications such as residential and commercial septic systems. Our extensive line of filter media meets county and EPA standards and septic design specifications. We can produce water filtration products to tight tolerances with specific effective sizes and uniformity coefficients (U.C.).

Available packaging: Bulk quantities, 50 lb. bags, and super sacks.


.80 - 1.2mm Torpedo Sand
.80 - 2.0mm Torpedo Sand

Pool Filter

R.W. Sidley’s 100% high-purity Quartz Pool Filter Sand acts as a natural pool filter media, keeping pool water clean and clear. Designed for use with pools equipped with sand filters, our sand is non-toxic, safe to use, and will not stain or corrode. Silica pool sand is a low-maintenance filtration solution that can maintain a pH balance of around 6.5.

Pool Filter .45-.55mm
Pool Filter .55-.65mm
Pool Filter .8-1.2mm

Filtration Sands

.40 -1.0mm


Clean water is essential for living, playing, and manufacturing. Water filtration processes remove particles and impurities from water using different methods and technologies. As a leading water filter media manufacturer and supplier, R.W. Sidley leverages its 80-year history of mining natural mineral resources to provide superior filtration products for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential water filtration systems.  


We produce some of the industry’s highest quality silica quartz sands that are washed, dried, and screened in our state-of-the-art, processing plant in Thompson, Ohio. Our silica sand, torpedo sand, and bluestone sand filter media are of the highest purity, free from harmful materials such as organic and inorganic chemicals that can pose hazardous health effects.  


All of our filter media meet ANSI/AWWA B100-16 standards for granular filter media and NSF/ANSI 61 requirements for potable drinking water. In addition, we use the latest testing methods to regularly evaluate our filter media, ensuring it meets stringent quality control and consistency standards.  

Filtration solutions for multiple markets  

Drinking water filtration system manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, wastewater treatment plants, and homeowners rely on R.W. Sidley’s proven filter media solutions, knowing our products are backed by specialists committed to the betterment of water quality.  


Our filter media are used nationally and globally across multiple markets and applications, including: 

  • Potable drinking water treatment plants 

  • Wastewater treatment plants 

  • Commercial package plants 

  • Residential septic systems 

  • Pool filtration systems 

  • Rapid sand filters 

  • Slow sand filters 

  • Sludge drying beds 

  • Industrial water treatment 


What's in your well?  

Many households in the United States get their drinking water from in-ground private wells where layers of rock and soil naturally filter out most but not all potential contaminants. R.W. Sidley manufactures well pack gravels that can be used alone or with screens to effectively settle out fine-grained particles, allowing wells to produce cleaner water.  

Made from silica quartz sand, our well pack gravels feature a sub-angular shape and are processed in uniform grain sizes for improved hydraulic conductivity. They are available in a range of effective sizes and packaging options to suit your requirements. 


Silica Filter Sands
Silica Support Gravels
Bluestone Support Gravels 
Torpedo Sands 
Well Pack Gravel 
Septic System Sand and Gravel 
Pool Filter Sand  
Wastewater Filtration Sands

Tell us about your project so we can recommend the right filter media product. 
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