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As a material producer, we know our customers count on us to supply high-quality products that consistently meet project specifications, local and national codes, and industry standards. R.W. Sidley takes great pride in having a robust Quality Assurance Program that verifies and maintains the quality, reliability, and performance of our construction aggregate, filter media, industrial mineral, sports turf aggregate, and bunker sand product lines.  


Our Quality Assurance Program encompasses a wide range of actions that are part of a systematic evaluation process. We have different procedures in place for every product we mine and manufacture to ensure your success and protect our reputation.  


With access to the finest raw materials, extensive manufacturing capabilities, and teams of material experts and technicians, R.W. Sidley is an innovative aggregate supplier adept at creating products specially developed to meet our customers’ exact requirements. 

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Complete testing services

R.W. Sidley has a full-service testing laboratory accredited by the state of Ohio and approved by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). We also conduct testing at individual plant locations during production processes. Most of our products are tested daily, and critical products like filter media sand are tested multiple times a day. We continually evaluate our products to identify the slightest change in consistency. This way, we can take immediate corrective action and minimize variations.  


Independent laboratory tests are often necessary to conduct chemical and physical analyses of our finished products. We use nationally trusted and reputable labs but will also accommodate customers’ requests to coordinate material sample retrievals and deliveries to their preferred labs.  


Internal test results are recorded and compared with outside lab results. We keep detailed records of all tests and provide them to customers upon request so they can rest assured knowing the products they order meet their exact specifications.

Conformity to multiple standards

When looking for an aggregate supplier, there should be no hesitation in discussing whether they can ensure total conformity to any standards that enhance your product, system, or project’s credibility. With our Quality Assurance Program, we can confidently claim whether our products conform to these and other standards: 


  • ASTM 

  • AWWA B100-16 

  • NSF/ANSI 61 

  • U.S. DOT / ODOT / PennDOT

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