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Are you looking for decorative gravel or stone for your next landscaping project? R.W. Sidley is a decorative gravel supplier with multiple locations in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We not only sell decorative landscaping materials, but we mine and process many of them locally from quality natural resources. 


Decorative gravel and stone have become the new go-to material for commercial and residential landscaping projects. They are a great alternative to mulch, requiring less maintenance and lasting longer, which saves people time and money in the long run.

Limitless design possibilities 

Incorporating natural granite, bluestone, silica gravel, red limestone, or white marble into an outdoor space provides limitless design possibilities. These hardscape products can be applied to landscaping features such as flower beds, patios, walkways, driveways, fire pits, tree wells, and ponds to suppress weed growth, retain moisture, and add new levels of visual interest and color.  


Excellent drainage solution 

In addition to supporting the latest trends in landscaping, decorative gravel may also be used to control drainage problems. Unwanted water accumulation can be hazardous and cause property damage. Since water drains through gravel more quickly than soil, the stone is often used in French drains or raised beds as a water diversion solution.  


Well stocked and ready to use 

R.W. Sidley offers a wide variety of gravels that are double-washed and graded for proper sizing. They are sold in bulk quantities and 50 lb. bags making every purchase easy for commercial landscapers and DIY homeowners alike.  


Calculate how much material you need in cubic yards using our material calculator. 

Make R.W. Sidley your trusted construction aggregate partner!  
Call us today at 440-352-9343

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