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At R.W. Sidley, the aggregate products we produce form the foundations of our communities. It is important to us that these products are mined, manufactured, and distributed in a way that minimizes environmental impact and promotes health and safety for our employees and the general population. We are also highly focused on creating durable building and construction materials that withstand the test of time, helping preserve vital supplies for the future. 


We do this by adhering to our robust Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Policy and systematic Quality Assurance Program, and meeting or exceeding all applicable industry standards and laws governing public health, safety, and the environment.  


We are proud of the collective efforts put forth by our employees to identify, monitor, and act on opportunities that strengthen our reputation as a good corporate citizen. 

Our EHS actions: Safety is our top propriety! 


Our EHS actions directly and positively impact our workforce and the communities in which we operate or supply materials. Below are our key commitments:  


  • We insist on safety for our employees, customers, and consumers.  

  • We design our products to achieve the optimum balance of safety, performance, and environmental quality within the limits of commercially available technology.  

  • We continually strive to reduce or prevent adverse environmental effects of our products whenever feasible.  

  • We design and maintain process controls that ensure our quality standards and product safety requirements are met while minimizing waste. 

  • We develop and use manufacturing processes and techniques that safeguard the environment from pollutants.  

  • We develop and maintain programs that enhance awareness and provide prompt, accurate information to our employees, customers, and consumers on R.W. Sidley EHS matters. 

  • We inform and motivate employees about their EHS responsibilities and seek their suggestions to improve in these areas continually.  

  • We work with regulatory and public interest groups to define controls and programs related to our industry that protect the environment and provide safety and value to consumers.  

  • We maintain appropriate organizational structures and dedicate sufficient management and financial resources to implement our EHS policy.  

Our sustainability initiatives: Facilitating success for future generations 


Our sustainability efforts focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to thrive. These initiatives include:  


  • Employee training and education  

  • Regulatory and public interest group collaboration  

  • Site-specific plans and requirements 

  • Water stewardship  

  • Recycling practices  

  • Transportation efficiencies  

  • Building energy management  

Based on MSHA’s data, R.W. Sidley achieved the lowest All-Injury Rate for 2021 in the Small Company Category

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