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Since 1982, R.W. Sidley’s concrete blocks have been used to build homes, schools, and businesses throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Produced initially as gray concrete masonry units (CMUs), our offering has evolved to include a broad array of architecturally stunning blocks that vary in shape, size, texture, and color to achieve endless design possibilities. You will not find a wider variety of styles and configurations anywhere else in the region.  

Our masonry blocks and related products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Thompson, Ohio, located about 40 miles east of Cleveland. They are composed of the highest quality aggregates unearthed from our resource-rich quarries. As part of our Quality Assurance Program, we perform regular ingredient analyses and crush testing on all block and masonry products to ensure the utmost quality and strength.  

With R.W. Sidley, you can build with complete confidence knowing our products are  developed and supported by industry experts who are committed to your success.  

R.W. Sidley Masonry Guide

R.W. Sidley Architectural Split-face Block Specifications

Lightweight and heavyweight blocks, same minimum strength 

We offer 50 different size masonry blocks in lightweight and heavyweight classes. While the heavier blocks may be more solid, both types are required to meet the same ASTM C-90 minimum strength requirements.  


Our standard 8" heavyweight blocks weigh approximately 36 pounds, whereas our 8" lightweight blocks weigh about 28 pounds. Masonry contractors find they can lay the lighter blocks more efficiently. However, any increased productivity should be measured against the material cost of lightweight blocks, which is more expensive than that of their heavier counterparts.  


The industry’s finest architectural split-face blocks 

Our architectural split-face blocks are made from high-quality silica quartz sand, which illuminates them with a sparkle and assures durability, and include an integrated water repellent for increased water tolerance.  

Like the rest of our masonry products, R.W. Sidley’s architectural split-face blocks provide the structural integrity, design versatility, and cost-effectiveness required for today’s commercial, industrial, and residential building projects.  


Vast integral color options that add lasting beauty  

At R.W. Sidley, we have developed superior coloring processes that result in uniform dispersion to add distinct beauty to buildings without compromising the strength and durability of the concrete. All of our products are integrally colored to maintain lasting color throughout the block, not just on its surface.

Popular sizes and colors, readily available in stock 

We stock the most popular block sizes and colors at Sidley Building Supply Centers located in Alliance, Ashtabula, Newbury, Painesville, Thompson and Youngstown in Ohio and Slippery Rock and West Middlesex in Pennsylvania. It’s always best to check with the center closest to you to ensure they have the exact amount of the product you need. 


21-piece color chip sample kits available upon request 

To ensure color satisfaction, we recommend that our customers request our 21-piece color chip sample kit by calling 440-352-9343. Color chips represent our finished products more accurately than photos displayed electronically on a computer or mobile device. 


Custom color formulations, pre-programmed for consistency  

If you have a unique color in mind, chances are we can match it! With our automated color system, we can produce a wide array of pre-programmed colors that offer consistent batch appearances. The turnaround time for custom color orders of architectural split face blocks is typically four to five weeks, allowing for optimal molding and curing. 


Sustainable construction benefits 

Building with concrete blocks allows design/build teams to achieve numerous sustainable benefits over the life of a structure. These highly durable products offer:   

  • Low maintenance 

  • Long lifespan 

  • LEED-friendly solutions 

  • Acoustically sound environments 

  • Greater fire and weather resistance 

Click here to learn more and find out how R.W. Sidley supports our customers with their concrete LEED project submittals.


Complete landscaping solutions 

R.W. Sidley offers an extensive line of concrete wall blocks designed with interlocking features for stable stacking. These hardscape products are ideal for retaining walls and other commercial and residential landscaping applications.  

Are you ready to transform your space into a decorative masterpiece?  
Call us today at 440-352-9343

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