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R.W. Sidley is your go-to source for concrete wall blocks in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We offer a wide range of interlocking wall blocks that are on display and sold at Sidley Builder Supply Centers. They are made from solid concrete and are available in a variety of sizes and surface finishes.  


Easy to install, these large, sturdy hardscape products are the perfect solution for retaining walls or materials storage bins. Our concrete wall blocks also work well in commercial and residential landscaping settings. They may be left in their natural form or stained to achieve a desired aesthetic look.  


All of our wall blocks are molded with a double V-groove design for stable stacking. To help our customers add that finishing touch to their projects, we manufacture corresponding stretchers, corners, and wall caps that feature chamfered edges.  


Local delivery is available. We use a high-capacity boom truck with a 35-foot-reach to place your materials efficiently and carefully where you need them.  

All the concrete wall block sizes you need 

We stock several of the most popular sizes. Please call your local Sidley Builder Supply Center to check for available quantities.  



  • 2' H X 2' W X 6' L 

  • 2' H X 2' W X 3' L 



  • 2' H X 2' W X 6' L 

  • 2' H X 2' W X 5’ L 


Top Caps  

  • 2' H X 6' W X 6' L 



Our wall block decorative finishes 

R.W. Sidley offers concrete wall blocks that are as beautiful as they are functional, with attractive facing options that mirror the look of the natural world. Again, it’s always best to check with your local Sidley Builder Supply Center to confirm we have the exact quantities you need.  

  • Landscape 

  • River rock 

  • Multi-stone 

Want more information on our concrete wall blocks?  
Call us today at 440-352-9343

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