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Sales Representative

Don Craver

Don Craver has spent 27 years in the concrete industry, gaining hands-on experience that yielded great insight into concrete materials, applications, requirements, mixing, testing, logistics, and delivery. As a Sales Consultant, Don’s primary focus is to work with R.W. Sidley’s customers, providing concrete mix design and product testing solutions that meet specific requirements. These requirements include material standards developed and issued by the American Concrete Institute (ACI), ASTM International, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Don appreciates the chance to create relationships with customers, showing them all the ways R.W. Sidley can add value to their projects beyond just the price per bag or truck.

Don is also responsible for overseeing maintenance on R.W. Sidley’s concrete mixer equipment. We rely on his sharp mechanical and planning skills to ensure our mixers remain in good condition, undergoing regular inspections and cleaning procedures that support consistent product quality, manufacturing efficiency, and on-time delivery.

Like many of our employees, Don’s favorite advice comes from words often spoke by Robert Sidley, the company’s Chairman of the Board “Enjoy every day, and if not, do something about it.” Don most enjoys spending time with his family and attending his kids’ sports events. He also likes farming and hitting the winter trails on his snowmobile.

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