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Block & Supply Sales

Matt Eisenmann

Matt Eisenmann promotes R.W. Sidley’s block, masonry, and ancillary hardscape products to the specifier community, including architects, building contractors, and landscaping contractors. Matt views customer service and relationship building as integral parts of his job. He takes the time to develop a complete understanding of each client’s unique situation, then uses his technical expertise to formulate solutions that best suit their needs. Whether it’s matching block colors, managing LEED submittals, or fulfilling safety data sheet (SDS) requirements, Matt works closely with his customers to ensure their projects run smoothly. It’s not unusual to find Matt making rush deliveries to a job site. He is keenly aware of the importance of flexibility and responsiveness and is always eager to help customers adapt to changing circumstances. Driving customers’ success is what Matt enjoys most about working at Sidley – besides the occasional golf outing, of course.

Matt’s high level of dedication stems from his own experience laying dry masonry, which he started doing at age 18. For 10 years, Matt owned and operated his own construction company focused on landscaping and smaller concrete masonry projects before joining Sidley in 2015. Matt earned his Concrete Technician certification in accordance with ASTM and ACI procedures through St. Marys Cement, one of the largest cement producers in the world.

A former boss once told Matt, “Success comes from focusing on the details; all the rest will take care of itself.” He considers this his favorite piece of advice and finds that it applies to most matters. When Matt’s not focused on work, he likes playing golf and spending time on the farm with his kids. He also enjoys experimenting with different recipes, woods, and cooking methods on his backyard barbeque smoker.

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