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CFO & Treasurer

Kevin Campany

Kevin Campany has served as a CFO for 26 years for construction and construction material-related firms, helping them reduce risk and improve financial operations. He joined R.W. Sidley in 1996 as CFO and Treasurer, overseeing all financial, banking, legal, insurance, bonding, contractual, human resource, IT, risk management, joint venture, and property-related matters while managing the corporate staff and administration.

Kevin is an intuitive leader who looks at complex situations objectively and develops creative solutions that ensure R.W. Sidley’s growth and success. His greatest work pleasure comes from the diverse nature of R.W. Sidley’s businesses, which translates into a variety of daily challenges and opportunities that fuel Kevin’s continued professional growth. Kevin values his relationships with the Sidley family, his coworkers, our customers, and our suppliers. He believes R.W. Sidley works hard to foster open communication and build good rapport at every level of the organization.

Prior to Kevin’s executive leadership positions, he held various accounting and commercial lending roles in Ohio. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Accounting from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 1986 and became a Certified Public Accountant in 1994. Interestingly, he began his professional career with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Washington D.C., and held a Top Secret security clearance while employed there. Kevin has served as Secretary/Treasurer for the Ohio Concrete Association (OCA) since 2015, and is on the Lake County YMCA Board Endowment Fund Committee. He was previously on the Board of the Geauga United Way, and the Geauga Community Improvement Corporation.

Throughout his career Kevin has been fortunate to work with many influential people and Kevin has received a lot of valuable advice. However, the best advice came from his father, who was visiting Kevin at his first full-time summer job when he was 13 years old. Kevin had just completed an assignment and was sitting idle, waiting for his boss to give him his next task. When his dad showed up and found him sitting down on the job, he quickly and sternly stated, “It’s about time you start looking around to see what needs to be done and do it, instead of waiting for someone else to tell you what to do.” Kevin has been in perpetual work motion ever since.
Kevin’s outside interests include anything related to cars and target and sporting clay shooting. He enjoys the simple pleasures in life, especially weekend coffee on the front porch with his wife Heidi and spending time with her, their two daughters, and their extended family and friends.

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