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Operations Manager

Shaun Kennedy

As Mine Supervisor since 2016, Shaun Kennedy coordinates and supervises activities related to the mining and production of R.W. Sidley’s dry silica products, including filter media, industrial minerals, and specialty sports turf aggregates like our Pro/Angle® bunker sand. He oversees the bagging operation of these products, employing best practices and automated solutions to optimize quality and efficiency. Shaun is also responsible for mining and plant personnel and equipment, with the first priority always being the health and safety of people.

Shaun began acquiring technical knowledge and mining operations experience while in high school, initially working in R.W. Sidley’s scale house and original dry screening plant. When the company built its new dry screening plant in 2011, Shaun helped improve our mineral processing efficiencies by installing advanced screens that offered better filtration performance and storage bins that increased capacity.

For Shaun, every day on the job is different. He enjoys problem-solving and making sure projects go smoothly from start to finish. He likes the people he works with and values learning from others, tapping into the expertise that exists within the Sidley organization. Realizing the decisions that he makes today will affect the direction of the company’s production for years, Shaun believes “you’ve got to have vision” to establish where you want to be tomorrow.

Today, Shaun is most happy being outdoors with his wife and two young daughters. His woodworking hobby also provides all-season enjoyment.

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