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R.W. Sidley is a premier, family-owned concrete and building supply company that has been proudly serving the Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania communities since 1946. Our top-of-the-line, ready-mix concrete is specially manufactured to precise specifications in our state-of-the-art, computerized batch plants that are ODOT and PennDOT approved.  


Concrete contractors and do-it-yourselfers rely on us for high-quality materials, professional service, and efficient delivery. We have over 1,000 proprietary mix designs that have been developed to meet the concrete requirements of any job, ODOT concrete specs, and PennDOT concrete specs.   


Whether your project calls for 5 yards or 50,000 yards, we’ve got you covered with products backed by a 75-year reputation in the ready-mix business that’s as solid as concrete.

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Proven technical knowledge and experience   

Our conscientious quality control team has over 50 years of combined testing experience. There is rarely a situation we haven’t seen or worked through in the past. We continually monitor our raw materials and test our mixes to ensure proper strength, air, and finishability exceed specifications.  


R.W. Sidley invests in continuing education through industry associations like the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), the American Concrete Institute (ACI), and Ohio Concrete. By doing so, our workforce stays on top of the latest trends, technologies, and practices that promote continual product expansion and improvement.   


Our company holds memberships through these fine organizations, and many of our employees assume leadership positions within them or serve on their Boards, helping to advance the concrete industry both locally and nationally.


Calculate how much material you need in cubic yards using our material calculator. 

High-quality mixes  

The quality of any finished ready-mix concrete product starts with its source materials. R.W. Sidley maintains tight control over its raw materials, mining many from our quarries and selecting only the highest quality natural aggregates. With R.W. Sidley, you can expect the best ready-mix concrete, with no added fillers or substandard materials.  


We employ the latest production mixing technologies and operate a full-scale in-house laboratory with advanced testing capabilities supported by in-field technicians. R.W. Sidley offers a wide range of specialty mixes carefully designed to create desired strength and durability with consistent set times, so you’re not waiting to finish a job. Custom ready-mix concrete designs can be specifically tailored to meet our customers’ unique needs.  


All of our materials are ODOT and PennDOT approved. We regularly supply ODOT and PennDOT concrete mix designs to municipal and government concrete contractors.

Dedicated, professional transportation  

R.W. Sidley maintains our own fleet of over 50 GPS-equipped trucks operated by professional, well-trained drivers to meet the pressing demands of the construction industry.  


At a time when reliable truck drivers are hard to come by, R.W. Sidley shines by retaining drivers who are consistently recognized for being the best. Our union drivers have an average of 17 years of ready-mix delivery experience with us, more if you consider any previous employment. At one of our ready-mix concrete plants, drivers have an average of 30 years of experience.  


For our customers, this means they get a partner on the job who knows how to anticipate their needs, starting with dependable on-time delivery. Our certified drivers possess a vast knowledge of concrete and are safety-oriented to provide the highest level of service.    


Diverse project experience 

R.W. Sidley has expansive capabilities with diversification across all segments of the construction industry. We provide consistent, timely concrete materials for projects that range from highly technical industrial projects to lightweight buildings, home building, and do-it-yourself residential projects.  


Supplying high-performance materials for specific building needs is what we do best! 

Unsurpassed service 

R.W. Sidley customers benefit from personalized assistance from concrete experts who can help recommend the right ready-mix concrete product for their project and determine how much material they will need.  


We plan each order ahead and carefully schedule delivery times. With convenient locations, plant dispatchers that are in communication with drivers and have GPS tracking tools, there’s no fear that your expected delivery will be bumped by someone else’s project.

R.W. Sidley is ready to help you get started on your next concrete project.  
Call us today at 440-352-9343

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