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Decorative concrete is a great way to add beauty to driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, and other outdoor areas. Its unlimited design potential allows for a range of aesthetic options that includes stamped or engraved patterns, elegant textures, and different colors.  


Decorative concrete increases property values by enhancing the look and feel of hard landscaping and floors, transforming traditionally gray surfaces into those that reflect individual style and taste preferences.

Homeowners can realize many benefits of decorative concrete that extend beyond its unique appearance. Decorative concrete is highly durable, even in northern climates that are subject to freezing and thawing conditions. It doesn’t easily scratch, scuff, or chip and requires very low maintenance to retain its long lifespan.


Colored concrete is a stylish design option that can be paired with different finishes. Using multiple concrete colors can help define large areas or landscaping features. Colors are often chosen to blend in with nature, complement exterior building structures, command attention, or create a mood.

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This backyard concrete patio was stamped to look like natural stone and then stained and sealed for long-term protection.  

Choose from 30 standard colors or have us color match a particular color. 

As an authorized supplier of Euclid Chemical’s Color-Matic liquid and granular color dispensing systems, R.W. Sidley supplies contractors and homeowners with ready-to-use, pre-colored concrete in 30 standard colors ranging from earth tones to vibrant hues. Our color matching capability allows us to produce up to 1,000 competitor colors from all major brands, giving you total design control.  


Decorative concrete made with Color-Matic liquid or granular pigments is uniformly colored, making it possible to achieve the perfect look. These integral color mixtures are designed for durability and will resist fading. Unlike surface-applied coloring techniques that tend to peel and chip over time, Color-Matic delivers exceptional performance and eliminates the need for frequent repairs. 




Color-Matic colored concrete is trusted by professional contractors for various residential and commercial projects.


  • Driveways 

  • Patios 

  • Walkways 

  • Pool decks 

  • Floors 

  • Sidewalks 

  • Architectural décor 



The unique features of Color-Matic combine to make it one of the most innovative and reliable products in the industry.  


  • Choice of 30 popular standard colors 

  • Ability to produce custom colors 

  • Rich color vibrancy 

  • Excellent color accuracy 

  • Consistent colors from batch to batch 

  • Supplied in convenient bags or pails 

Are you ready to explore the latest decorative concrete trends?  
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